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Have you lost your Hisense tv remote under the deep world of the sofa, or is it broken and not working correctly? Don’t panic and relax. We have created a list of solutions that tells how to connect Hisense tv to Wi-Fi without a remote. 

In contrast, remotes are very important because, in modern television, there are many different options and settings, and remote controls can make everything so easy. Still, since, for some reason, you can’t use the remote, here are a few alternatives you can use to connect Hisense tv to Wi-Fi without the remote.

How to connect Hisense tv To Wi-Fi Without Remote-Top 3 Solutions

Use Keyboard and Mouse to connect Hisense tv to Wi-Fi

Connect Hisense Tv To Wi-Fi Without Remote

First, we will try to replace Hisense remote with other devices as TV remotes are generally input devices. It is not so difficult to replace one input device with another and to do. We will use a keyboard and mouse as an alternative input device to connect Hisense to Wi-Fi without the remote.

Just follow these simple steps to use the Keyboard with Hisense TV.

  1. Nowadays, almost every smart Tv comes with a USB port. Connect your USB cable to the USB port on Hisense TV’s side.
  2. Now connect the second end of the USB connecter to your Keyboard and mouse.
  3. Let the TV load the drivers to work with our external input devices. Sometimes, it can take a few minutes; otherwise, it will instantly connect to the Keyboard and mouse.
  4. Once your TV is ready, just use the Mouse or Up and Down keys to navigate the settings.
  5. Go to the Settings of your Hisense TV.
  6. You will find the “Network” tab there.
  7. Click on the ‘Network”
  8. Go to the “Network Configuration”
  9. There you will find all the available Wi-Fi devices to connect to.
  10. Select your Wi-Fi from the list.
  11. Click on “Connect” and supply your password.
  12. Now to confirm if the Hisense TV is connected, just go to the browser or any other internet app.
  13. These two input devices are pretty common, but we have another solution for you if you don’t have them.

connect Hisense tv to the Internet using a LAN cable

Connect Hisense Tv To Wi-Fi Without Remote

This solution is easy to follow. But the problem is in today’s wireless world, not everybody has a LAN cable, and in addition, not every smart TV comes with a LAN port, so if you don’t have the cable, you can buy one, and you can find LAN cable easily. These cables are cheap, but if your TV doesn’t come with a LAN port, then I am afraid this solution will not work for you. So assuming you have both the LAN cable and Lan port, let’s get to the step-by-step guide on connecting Hisense to the internet without Wi-Fi using LAN cable.

  1. You need to Connect one end of your LAN cable to the Hisense TV and the other to your internet router.
  2. And as we are going to establish the physical connection between the devices, we don’t need to provide the Wi-Fi password.
  3. And that’s it, your Hisense TV is now connected to the internet without a remote or any other input device.
  4. Now we need an app that can alternatively control Hisense TV.
  5. Go to the play store on your android smartphone.
  6. Down the App Android TV Remote Control, or you can use any other app. There are tons of apps you can find on the internet.
  7. As we have already connected our Hisense TV to our network now, we need to connect our remote control app to the same network, and we are good to go.

Connect Hisense Using a Joystick

Now the good thing about Hisense TV is that many modern Hisense TVs come with the Joystick. You can find it on the bottom side of the TV. This Joystick is convenient in situation like where you can’t control the TV using the remote it can almost perform all of the actions. You can move the cursor of the TV using this Joystick.

You can do alot without a remote, many people reset their firestick without a remote, so in this solution, we will discuss how you can use Hisense Joystick to connect Hisense Tv to the internet without a remote. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Press the Joystick, and your TV will show you some options. Now it depends on what model you are using.
  2. To select an option, you need to press the joystick one time.
  3. Navigate to the “Setting” using the Joystick.
  4. Find and click on “Settings.”
  5. Go to the “Network Configuration” from the “Network Tab”
  6. A list of your networks will be displayed
  7. Select your network by pressing the Joystick.
  8. Type your password using the on-screen Keyboard
  9. Check your browser or any other internet app to confirm the network connection.

How to connect Hisense tv to wifi without a remote-Easiest way

So these were 3 simple and easy ways to connect Hisense to Wi-Fi without the remote control. Most of the time, some of the solutions don’t work for some users. It doesn’t mean the solution is not working. It is just because solutions depend on the models or the device, so despite what model you have, I think the Ethernet LAN solution should work for everyone, and it is easy and quick. You don’t need to gather other input devices and go through all of the configuration steps. Just a LAN cable connects it to the router and TV, and there you go, problem solved.


Q: Do all Hisense remotes works on all TVs?

A: It doesn’t matter if you have LCD, LED, Hisense, or any plasma TV. The Hisense one for all remotes should work fine on all TVs.

Q: How do I connect Hisense tv to the internet without a remote?

A: Several other options can connect the Hisense to the internet without the remote. Alternatively, alternative input devices like Keyboard, Mouse, and Ethernet LAN cables can also be used with Hisense TV.

Q: is it possible to use Hisense TV without a remote?

A: While it is a confusing and a bit difficult process, you can use Hisense TV without a remote by using the Joystick attached to the TV on the bottom side.

Q: Can I use my phone as a remote for Hisense TV?

A: by using Hisense’s RemoteNow smartphone app, you can use your smartphone as an alternative to the Hisense TV remote.

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