The Wireless Customer Is not Available At the Moment – fix it now

The Wireless Customer Is Not Available At The Moment

A friend In need is a friend indeed is a perfect quote for everybody’s situation, but what if when you need a friend and want to call him, and in response, all you get is “The wireless customer is not available at the moment”? As the world progresses, we get stuck in some bad situation almost every day, and we always need someone on our backs to contact us out of bad conditions. We will discuss this irritating problem, so you don’t have to go through bad conditions alone and stick with us till the end of the article. You will get some of the perfect and working solutions.

five solutions for “The Wireless Customer Is not Available At the Moment”

Check For the Service Outage

The first thing you should do after you face this problem is to check if the problem is with the service provider and then move to other solutions.

If the problem is not at your service provider, it can be at your recipient’s end, as the error says that the person is unavailable at the other end. You can contact their service provider to get to the bottom of this problem. If the service provider confirms the problem, they will possibly give you the timeframe for when the problem could be fixed by their end, so either you can wait or move to our next solution.

Use Another Medium To Contact

We live in the era of social media, and the world has become a global village; thus, there are multiple ways you can contact another person if you can contact the person using the GSM network.

Just try to message the other person on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger and see if the other person responds, but it is not guaranteed that the person will contact you instantly as it is possible that the person you are trying to contact could be offline at that moment or even worse the person might have blocked you, which move us to the next solution of our list.

Check if you are Blocked By the Person

The person you are trying to contact has blocked you.

To confirm if the blocking is the problem or not, the first and primary solution is to ask for someone else help and try to contact the person using another phone. If the second phone is working fine, it is confirmed that you have been blocked and that person doesn’t want to be in contact with you.

The wireless customer is not available on Verizon

If the person you are trying to contact is using Verizon and has not paid for the subscription, their account has been suspended. Everyone who calls this person will hear the error message saying, “The Verizon Wireless Customer Is Not Available”.

The Wireless Customer Is Not Available AT&T

Like Verizon, if your recipient is using the AT&T network and none of you is blocked by each other, then there is a subscription problem. If you have made any changes to your service plan, you must go to these settings to avoid any network problems.

  1. Go to My Wireless
  2. Now Select “My Devices & Add-ons”
  3. Go to manage “My Devices”.
  4. Go to “Device Options & Settings”
  5. Now just press “Reset Voicemail Password.”

Reasons that cause Wireless Customer Is not Available At the Moment

We are dealing with a technical error here, and there could be a lot of reasons why you are getting “The Wireless Customer Is not available at the moment”.

Bad Connection

The most common issue of all network-related problems is a poor connection. Whether you are contacting someone through the internet or without the internet using GSM and getting a similar error to this error, there is a high chance that there is something wrong with your connection now. It can be specific to your location. You can wait for some time and then try again, or you can also move to some other place and then try again.

Service Outage

As we discussed earlier, there could be a service outage in your area, which means neither you can contact any person from your phone nor they can contact you. But always try to get your service provider and ask them about the service outage whenever you face “the wireless customers not available.”

Dead Battery

There is also a chance that the person you are trying to contact is unavailable at that moment because of the dead batteries. As most phones come with built-in batteries, many people don’t realize that their battery health is worsening. If this is the case and the phone battery person you call is dead, then, unfortunately, you can’t do anything aside from just waiting.

You Are Blocked By The Person

This reason could be heartbreaking and confusing simultaneously, as sometimes we don’t even know why the person even blocked us. Still, there are chances that this can be unintentional, and the person you are trying to contact mistakenly blocked you. In this case, try to contact the person using some other medium, confirm if the block is intentional or mistaken, and then decide whether you want to get the person.

Power Outage

We should think right about everyone because there is a high chance that the phone of the person you are trying to contact is turned off. You will get the same error like “The wireless Customer is not available at the moment”, and in this scenario, you can’t do anything but wait at that time.

Wrap Up

No doubt, this is one of the worst situations when you want to contact someone. In return, all you get is some robot voice error like “The Wireless Customer IS not Available at the moment”. If you get this error, just confirm if the service is available at both ends and make sure you both are not blocked by each other, if there is a problem in the network we suggest you contact using some other contacting channel like Social media and see if the other person is available or not.


what does it mean when it says the wireless customer is not available?

Multiple reasons could be affecting the service of your wireless recipient. Some of them are listed below:

  • Network Outage
  • The recipient’s phone battery is dead
  • Service is not available at your location
  • Service is not available at your recipient’s end
  • Verizon Account Suspended
  • AT&T voicemail Settings Problem

Why does my phone say the wireless customer is not available?

If you are getting this response, then there is the possibility that the person you are trying to contact is not available or currently out of reach. There could be some other network or hardware problems as well.

Why is my voicemail saying the wireless customer is not available?

If you are getting this problem where your recipient is either out of reach or not available to contact, but if you are using AT&T, then go through these settings, and it might help you.

Visit “My Wireless”.

Go to “My Devices & Add-ons”

Select “My Devices”.

Go to “Device Options & Settings”

Now just hit the “Reset Voicemail Password.”

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