Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth – updated method

track imei number through google earth

You want to track the location of your loved ones as the crimes are rising. Parents need to know where their kids go then, and we are pleased to tell you that you have landed on the right place as we discuss How to Track IMEI number through Google Earth.

Now tracking a person or an IMEI number can be tricky, but don’t worry. We have created this guide and tried our best to keep it as simple as possible. There are multiple ways you track an IMEI number using a third-party app like KidsGuard Pro, but in this guide, we will try to focus on Google Earth’s main features, How you can use Google Earth, and whether it is possible to track IMEI using Google earth.

How Does Google Earth Work?

Google Earth is a magical program that uses Satellite images of the Earth. Google Earth is a mixture of a lot of other location resources like GIS information, satellite images, and additional location photographs. You can get the search results from all of these sources with just a few clicks. Google Earth has made mapping-related things so easy that you will not need to use any other suspicious Apps. Still, just in case you don’t find what you are looking for on Google Earth, we will try our best to include some secure and easy alternatives so you don’t have to spend time looking for a suitable app for your need. That being said, lets straight get into our to on how to track IMEI through Google Earth.

Track IMEI Number through Google Earth

Now, as the IMEI number are allocated to smartphones and every phone has its unique IMEI number but don’t worry. The process of making your phone ready to be tracked by Google Earth using IMEI will be the same on every smartphone, and it is a pretty simple and easy process. You don’t even need any high technical skills to use it. Just follow these simple steps, and your phone will be ready.

  1. Go to the Playstore if you are an Android user or an Apple user. Just go to the App store.
  2. Search for the Google Earth App.
  3. Download the official Google Earth App.
  4. Open the Google Earth App.
  5. It will ask you to sign into your Google account.
  6. After successfully signing in, a small box will appear.
  7. Click on it, enter your Phone number and press “Send out the link to my phone”.
  8. A unique link will be sent to your phone.
  9. Just click on the link you received.
  10. It will ask you the permission “Enable Google Latitude to view your location”
  11. Tap “Yes” to enable your location.

And yeah, it was that simple, and now your phone is ready to be monitored by Google Earth, and you can locate your phone from any remote location.

Alternative to Google Earth for IMEI number tracking

Now, if you are concerned about the whereabouts of your loved ones and your kids, it won’t be the best practice to rely on one location app. Hence, we also have some of the best alternatives you can use to locate the IMEI number. Also, there are some limitations to using Google Earth only, like you always need a Google account to use Google Earth, plus it keeps track of years of location. From a privacy perspective, it is not the best thing to do it is just like storing every physical detail about your kids on an online app. There are tons of other apps you can use without being worried about your data privacy on of them is KidsGuard Pro.

How To Track Location Using KidsGuard Pro?

Regarding tracking your kids, this is the best tracking app in the market you can use to keep an eye on your children. Although this is a paid app, you can still use a demo before purchasing it.

Key Features of KidsGuard

  • Location Tracking: The main purpose of this app is to track IMEI; you will get the best experience using it.
  • Social Media Monitoring you can even monitor the chat history of your children.
  • Browsing History kindsGuardPro also allows you to check the browsing history remotely.
  • Call Log Checking. This feature will give all the details about the call history.

You can also use codes to stop call monitoring

track imei number using google earth

Living in this modern world, it is nearly impossible even to imagine living without smartphones. As the world is evolving, keeping a keen eye on your kids and loved ones is important to keep them safe from crimes and other bad activities. That is why we discussed how to track IMEI Numbers using Google Earth, as google has become a daily part of our life. Still, there are some premium features we can’t get from Google Earth, but we also discussed the alternatives you use hope this helps you keep your children and loved ones safe out there.


Does Google track my IMEI number?

Yes, there is a feature in Google Earth that you can use to track the IMEI number of your phone.

Is it possible to track location by IMEI number?

Yes, in some cases, it depends on many other factors like GSM network and GPS availability. It is possible to track IMEI numbers

Can I use Google Earth to track a cell phone’s location?

Yes, you can use Google Earth to track your smartphones. It uses some simple steps like installing Google Earth. Enter the number you want to track the link will be sent to the number. Click on it to enable IMEI tracking, and that’s how you can track your phones using Google Earth.

How do I find my IMEI number without my phone?

If you didn’t have any location software installed on your phone, then it might not be possible, but you can contact authorities because they have the necessary tools to locate your phone.

How can I track my IMEI number through google maps?

First, you will need to install Google earth, and from there, the process is pretty simple to follow.

How do I track my stolen phone on Google Earth?

The phone need to be connected to Google Earth. If your phone is google Earth enabled and configured correctly, it can be tracked.

How can I track a phone number using Google?

Google Provides the amazing feature of Google Earth that can help you to track your phone. Just install Google earth and configure your phone correctly.

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