Code To Stop Call Monitoring And Call Forwarding In 2023

code to stop call monitoring

Cybercrimes are growing even faster than ever before as our lives are getting more connected to the internet every day. We need code to stop call monitoring and Call forwarding because cybercriminals also started to exploit this feature. So to save you from hustle we have compiled the list of codes to stop call monitoring.

Use and codes to stop call monitoring

Call monitoring can be used in a lot of ways. If you are an employer and give your workers company phones to be only used for company purposes, then call monitoring can help you organize your company more efficiently. If your company regularly engages with the clients, it can help you. With proper analysis of the calls, you can also expand your customer care and sales.

MTN Code for monitoring calls

We are going to discuss the MTN code used to forward the call to the secondary number before you get deep. Let it be clear that you need the cell phone number you are trying to forward the call from. Let’s get to the steps to forward the calls if you have that number.

The MTN code to start the call forwarding or the monitor someone else calls just dial **06*YourNumber# this code with proper pattern. This code needs to be dialed from the cell phone you want to listen to the call from.

For Example, **06*+123456789# and then press the send. And that’s it. Now all the calls from that cell phone will be forwarded to your Phone.

Codes To stop call monitoring

Before diagnosing the problem, we need to identify the problem, and that is what we need to do before we try to stop call forwarding. In this section, we will tell you some codes to check whether your calls are being monitored.


You can use this code to check if someone is monitoring your code. This is also the code to stop call monitoring. This code is not just limited to Calls but will tell you everything about calls, messages, or other data being sent to another number. This code will instantly show the status of what type of data is being monitored from your Phone. So dial #21# to check your call forwarding Status.


We now know that our Phonecalls are being monitored and forwarded to another number. It is very important to know where our calls are being forwarded and our next code is all about that. You can dial *#62# 

and it will show you the complete details about where your calls are being redirected. Another thing to notice is that if you think you are not getting any calls lately, your phone calls may be getting forwarded.


This code on our list is a little bit out of topic, but it will surely help you if your Phone is stolen. As this code will tell you the IMEI number of your Phone, this number can help authorities find your Phone.


The last number on our list is the most crucial code as it will turn off any redirection or forwarding of calls and messages from your Phone. We recommend you to dial this code every time if you think you need to use roaming as it will save you a lot of money by stopping any billing while roaming. In addition to that, this code will stop the charge of redirected voicemail to your number.

Final thoughts on codes to stop call monitoring

We are living in an era when cyber crimes are so common it is important to save your data. We went one step forward towards your data security and told you the codes to stop call monitoring. We also provided you with the information you will need about the MTN codes, the usage of call monitoring, and its pros and cons if you find any suspicious call forwarding on your phone, just dial ##002# and keep your call private and safe.

FAQs on Call monitoring

Q: How do you know if your calls are being monitored?

A: you can dial #21# to check if your call is being monitored or being forwarded to someone else.

Q: How do I turn off the call forwarding code?

A: Just dial ##0022# to stop any type of call forwarding from your Phone.

Q: How does call monitoring work?

A: Call monitoring is handy in some cases. If you are a company owner and you have to give your workers company phones, then call monitoring can help you to keep track of your company’s progress.

Q: how do I cancel call monitoring on my Phone?

A: You can dial #21# to check the status of any call forwarding on your Phone and just dial ##002# to stop any call forwarding on your Phone.

Q: How can you tell if your Phone is being monitored by someone else?

A: You can use several ways to identify if someone is monitoring your Phone. Make sure you didn’t install any suspicious apps, or at least you didn’t allow any app access to your Phone.

Q: Can someone listen to your phone calls?

A: By using the Call forwarding technique, it is possible to listen to someone else call.

Q: Can you tell if someone looked at your Phone?

A: Yes, there are some apps readily available that can log every time someone unlocks your Phone. You can download and install them to keep track of when and by whom your mobile was checked.

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