why can’t I follow people on Instagram

Why Can’t I Follow People On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms where influencers and celebrities frequently post their best shots and videos. Instagram is not such an old platform if we compare it to other platforms like Facebook, as it is only a decade old and developed in 2010. Still, as Instagram has a huge user base but a lot of time we experience errors in Instagram. Many users are facing this and searching for “why can’t i follow people on Instagram,” which is what we will solve this mystery.

As Instagram is not only used for personal purposes, brands and businesses also use Instagram for promotion. This changed everything, and Instagram enforced some rules to stop automation and scrapping of the platform to avoid scams and other user violations. Just like Facebook, Instagram users can’t follow more than 7500 users, but most likely, it’s very hard for you to follow that many people on Instagram if you are not some automated bot.

5 Ways to Fix why can’t I follow people on Instagram

why can’t I follow people on Instagram

Filter out your Following List

If your list is filled with a lot of inactive accounts or with people you don’t even interact with on Instagram, then this is the time you need to filter your Instagram Following list. However, if you are following people on Instagram to get some extra followers, then I’m afraid you are doing it wrong because, according to one research, only 30 to 35% of people you follow on Instagram will follow you back, so play smart and don’t blindly start following inactive people on Instagram and just clear your following list to avoid any confusion on Instagram.

Follow People on Instagram Slowly

Just take your time, and don’t rush while following people on Instagram. If you are just hitting the “Follow” button without taking any break, then obviously Instagram algorithm will limit your account and won’t let you follow anyone on Instagram. To avoid this situation on Instagram, we recommend you create an algorithm of your own, like sending follow request to only 10 or 20 people in one hour and then taking a break for a while again, coming back and hitting the follow button for 15 to 30 times and keep the diversity to stay safe from Instagram spam detection.

don’t use Third Party Apps

We all know that there is always a modified version of every app we use. People often use moded versions to get some extra features on Instagram. You can’t maximize the profile picture of any person. Still, in some Instagram Mods, you will get this feature and a lot of other features as well, like the mass following to get follow backs, and that’s where the users usually get blocked by Instagram because detecting such activity Instagram will block users temporarily or in some cases, users get permanently ban from the platform.

Don’t use the Same Account on Multiple Devices

As it is very common for people often use the same account on multiple devices, like on android and PC as well and we don’t recommend doing that and limiting yourself to one or a maximum of two devices at a time; otherwise, Instagram doesn’t allow multiple devices and you will be ban for doing that.

Contact Instagram Support and ask why can’t i follow people on Instagram

why can’t I follow people on Instagram

While most of the time, these bans are temporary, and you will be unbanned after some time. Still, if that is not the case with you, then it is time to get in touch with some officials and ask for help, as Instagram is a huge platform its support is also very good. You will get treated by officials with a proper solution to your problem, so to get help from the Instagram support team, just go to this URL https://help.instagram.com/ and file a report of the problem you are facing, and shortly, you will be contacted by the appropriate team.

Reasons Why Can’t you Follow People On Instagram

There could be several reasons that could stop you from following people on Instagram. We have curated this list of reasons. Just take a look at them, and in the next section, we will talk about the solutions.

Follow Limit

If you have been using Instagram for a long time, then you may have reached the limit of followers on Instagram. Officially Instagram only allows following 7,500 people on Instagram to avoid spam activities on the platform.

Time Limit

While it is most likely impossible for you to hit the limit of followers, it is very common among Instagram users to hit the time limit. If you follow too many people in a short period and Instagram is detected as spam activity.

Third-Party Services

Some users use third-party apps to access Instagram, whether it is to access Instagram using a VPN or modified or forked versions of Instagram.

New Account

If your account is new or you have created it in the last few weeks, then there is a high possibility that this could easily happen to you again. Instagram algorithm to stop spamming activities on the platform.

Phone or App glitch

Apart from all of the reasons above, there is the possibility that some minor network or Software glitch occurred, and this is also very common if you are using an old device, an Outdated version of Instagram, or a slow network.

why can’t I follow people on Instagram – last words

If you are also worried about “Why can’t I follow people on Instagram,” then we have answered all of your questions. However, If you are still confused, we will suggest you wait for 24 hours and then try again and if you still can’t follow even after 24 hours then just contact customer support.


How long does Instagram restrict you from following?

It highly depends on what kind of ban you are on normally it only lasts for 24 hours, but if you break some serious rules like hate comments or posted unallowed content on Instagram, then possibly it can even take up to 30 days or a temporary ban from Instagram.

How many people can I follow on Instagram per day?

There is a Follow limit on Instagram and you can not blindly press the follow button for a whole day, but you can follow up to 200 people on Instagram in 24 hours.

How do you know if your Instagram is disabled?

Normally you will get a notification message, or in a lot of cases when you try to log into your account Instagram won’t let you log in.

What are the Instagram limits?

Overall limit for every action on Instagram is almost 500 a day which means you can follow, unfollow, like, or comment 500 times a day, and after that, your account activity will start getting banned.

How do I get rid of the action block on Instagram?

There could be several reasons; just clear the cache of the Instagram app or just log out and then log in again.

How do I reset my Instagram account?

Go to Instagram => Forgot Password => Enter your email or phone number => enter the OTP => type your new password.

When I press follow on Instagram nothing happens?

It is possible because you are blocked by Instagram to follow more people Just wait for 24 hours and then try to follow again.

why can’t I follow private accounts on Instagram?

Instagram also provides the feature to mute or restrict users on Instagram, so if you can’t follow a specific person then it is possible that you mistakenly muted that person on Instagram.

why can’t I request to follow someone on Instagram?

If someone has blocked you on Instagram then you can’t request to follow them.

Why do when I follow someone on Instagram it unfollows?

It means you have reached the limit to follow on Instagram just wait for 24 hours and try again you will be unbanned again.

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