How To Delete TextNow Account

How to delete TextNow account

TextNow is a good app to send texts and make phone calls and that is why its so popular in USA. but what if you want to delete your TextNow account for any reason? Unfortunatley its a bit tricky, But there is nothing to worry about, We have found the easiest ways to delete a TextNow account. Follow this blog step by step and get rid of TextNow account.

How to Delete TextNow Account

Unfortunately, there is no option for deleting your TextNow account or cancel textnow account provided by the service provers, which can cause many privacy-related issues for some users. However, we still have a solution you can use as an alternative to deleting your account, So follow these simple and easy steps to get rid of this App.

  1. Log into your text now account using the App, or you can directly go to the website.
  2. Go to this link,, and sign in.
  3. Check if you have recently purchased any paid features.
  4. Cancel your paid Subscription.
  5. Remove your personal information like your phone, Name, and email.
  6. Type this in your first and last name fields “Account Deleted”
  7. Type this in your email section [email protected]Click on the save information.
  8. Now go to “Security and login” from the page’s sidebar.
  9. There you see the list of devices you are logged in to.
  10. Just click on “Log out from all devices.”

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Reasons Why You Should Delete TextNow Account

Despite having a solid user base and handy features, TextNow has a lot of issues that normal users should never overlook. Let us explore some of the common cons you can face on TextNow, and after that, it will be easy for you to decide whether you want to keep using TextNow or you should delete your TextNow account.

Privacy should be your primary concern when discussing social platforms like TextNow. Other than that, many users have reported that the customer care service is not so good. Users don’t receive proper solutions for the problem they are facing while using TextNow, and if you are paying for some features and don’t get proper assistance, then you should think twice while spending your hard-earned money on any social platform. Another irritating problem is that TextNow plays a lot of ads on the free version. You will have to pay if you don’t want to see these unwanted ads. Also, some of the features are not available on the free version; in other words, they only want to extract money from users somehow.

Suppose you want to keep your phone number. In that case, you will have to keep using it because many users have reported that after being inactive for a week or two, their number gets terminated without warning. I think these reasons should be enough for you if you want to delete TextNow account or cancel TextNow account so without wasting your time anymore, let’s get straight into the subject of deleting your TextNow Account.

What is TextNow & delete textNow account

TextNow is One of the most famous and socially diverse platforms that provides users with free messaging socializing features but isn’t almost every social platform providing free messaging? Yes, but TextNow is a bit different than others as it provides its users a phone service packaged in an app, so users will get a free phone number to easily stay connected with strangers without giving them the actual number and make a lot of friends. Still, TextNow is only limited to North America, so the people of North America can enjoy complimentary text messages and phone calls by using wifi and can save a lot of money they usually spend on different. TextNow is available for Android and Apple users. If you are an Android user, Download it from Google Play Store and Apple App store if you are an Apple user. Carriers TextNow also provides a conference call feature, so it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that TextNow is one of the most diverse and unique social platforms you can find in the market.


TextNow is a viral and helpful app to use in USA and Canada, but there are some downsides, like privacy-related issues and some irritating ads. However, it can still be used. If you have decided to delete your account, follow this article on how to delete the TextNow account. Remember, this feature is not officially in the App. We just provided the temporary solution, but your data is still not deleted from the backend, so if you want to reactivate your account, log in again, and you should be back into your account.


How do I deactivate my TextNow account?

While the service provers provide no option to deactivate your account, you can stop using the platform. That should be enough to disappear from the platform, and you can come back whenever you want.

How do I delete my TextNow account?

There is no option like Delete your account provided by the app developers, but you can change your details to “Deleted User,” which should be enough.

How do you delete a number on the TextNow app?

Follow these simple steps go to the conversation> click on the three dots> Edit> Delete Contact.

Can police track TextNow?

Yes, TextNow gives police access to the email address connected with the account, first and last name, and IP address so police can track the TextNow account.

How long does it take for a TextNow number to expire?

It is recommended to stay active on the App and check your number at least once every two days.

Where is my account on TextNow?

Click on “My wireless Account” and go to the conversation page, and you will see your account page.

How do I delete the text now account on iPhone?

Log into your account on your iPhone and change your details to “Deleted User,” which should be enough.

How to delete emails from Textnow accounts?

You can not delete your account because the service provider does not provide this feature, but you can change your details to “Deleted User”.

How to delete the TextNow account on Android?

Log into your account on the Android App and change your details to “Deleted User, ” which should be enough.

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