How To Delete An EA Account? – updated answer

How to delete an EA account

EA is one of the leading companies in the video gaming industry, providing quality and some of the best and most addicting games of all time, Like age of Wushu like games. EA develops games for PCs, Mobiles, and video game consoles. Over the years, EA has provided its customers with thousands of different and unique games for almost all genres. Still, as everything has its ups and downs, EA also has been criticized for a lot of features that users don’t like, and that’s the main reason a lot of users are looking their ways How to delete an EA account? We will discuss why some people want to leave EA sports and how to delete your EA account.

How To Delete An Ea Account

Now that you have decided to delete, we have a few methods you can use to EA account delete, but before that, keep a few things in mind about the deletion of your EA account.

  • All your game data will be permanently deleted, like subscriptions, games, and purchases related to your EA account.
  • If your Facebook account links to your EA account, you will have to unlink the accounts manually.
  • All of your EA forum data, like posts, comments, pictures, and other data will also be deleted.
  • You will not be able to use any platform like PlayStation and Xbox with your EA account
  • You will need to contact Microsoft or sony to cancel any of your subscriptions related to your account.

Delete your EA account on Mobile

  1. Visit the EA help center at
  2. Click on the “Contact Us”
  3. Select any list from your game lists.
  4. The next page will ask, “What platform are you playing on.”
  5. Select the Platform you are using.
  6. Now follow these steps Select Topic => manage my account => Select Issue => Delete my account.
  7. Now it will show the login Page. Just login to your account.
  8. And submit the deletion request.

how to Delete an EA Account using a PC

  1. Visit the
  2. Log into your EA account.
  3. After that, just go to the Contact Us page. 
  4. You will see an Origin logo. Just click on it.
  5. Now It will ask you to Choose your Platform, PC or Mac. Just select your Platform
  6. Select Manage my account in the dropdown menu of “Select topic”.
  7. Now go to the dropdown menu of “Select Issue.” 
  8. Now select our option, which is “Delete Account”.
  9. Click on the “Select contact” option button.
  10. Ther you will see the subject field, type our request, which is type “Account Deletion Request.” 
  11. You will see the “Request Live Chat button”. Click on it.
  12. A new small popup window will.
  13. There you will be connected to the chat agent from the Help center.
  14. Just tell their agent about the account deletion request, and the rest they will guide you.

Delete your EA account on PS4

How to delete an ea account

So people make deleting the EA account on PS4 way more complicated, but in reality, it is not as complex or different as deleting your account using a mobile or PC. Now I will explain the process in just a few sentences, so if you want to delete your EA account, follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Go to this URL
  2. You will see “Close an EA account.”
  3. Just click on it.
  4. Click “Close your EA account” to confirm your deletion request.
  5. A new popup window will open asking for your Email and password. Just enter them, and it will delete your account.

EA Account delete on Xbox One

If you are an Xbox user and want to delete your EA account using an Xbox, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your Xbox.
  2. Now go to “My account”.
  3. There you will see “Manage Account”.
  4. Click on the “Delete Account”.

final thoughts

This was the detailed guide on how to delete your EA account, no matter what Platform you are using, whether it is mobile or a PS4. All steps are pretty much similar, with a few additional steps after you submit your request. Be patient because this process can take a very long time. Even some users have reported that their requests are not accepted even after a month hope this will help you to make a better decision.


Q: How to delete an account on Mobile?

A: Visit => => Select any game => Select your platform => Manage my account => Delete my account => Log in to submit account deletion request to support.

Q: How to delete an account on pc?

A: Visit => Select a game from your game list => Select your platform => Select the topic “Manage my account” => Then “Delete my account”.

Q: How long does it take to delete an ea account?

A: After submission of your account deletion request doesn’t take much time; generally, it can take up to 24 to 48 hours, while some users have reported that it can take even weeks to delete the EA account.

Q: How do I delete an EA email account?

A: you need to submit an account deletion request, and you can o that by going to From there, the process is pretty much straightforward.

Q: How do I delete my EA account on ps4?

A: Go to this URL => You will see “Close an EA account” => click on it. Click “Close your EA account” => Provide your password, and your account will be deleted.

Q: Do inactive EA accounts get deleted?

A: In an official statement and part of their terms and conditions, accounts with no user activity will be deleted in 2 years.

Q: How do I delete my EA account on Xbox?

A: Go to the Settings of Xbox => My account => Manage Accoun t=> Delete Account.

Q: what happens if you delete your ea account?

A: if a user deletes their account, they will lose access to entitlements, subscriptions, and in-game purchases associated with their account.

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