How To Delete OfferUp Account

How to delete OfferUp account

If you have ever sold any of your old stuff online, then you must have already heard about OfferUp it is a straightforward, easy and reliable platform where you can sell your old things. The Deal on OfferUp works like a seller posting something to sell, it can be a smart tv, movies, or games also. And a buyer approaches the seller. They make a joint agreement regarding the price and then meet to buy or sell. But many users don’t find this helpful platform after signing up and are now looking for how to delete an OfferUp account. If you are among those users and want to delete your OfferUp account, stick with us because this article will guide you through the step-by-step solution regarding OfferUp account Deletion.

Most of the time, people signup on any random site using their details, and after some time, they leave their account unused. This can cause severe damage in case of any cyber security breach. So you should always permanently delete the unused account as most platforms provide the feature to delete your account permanently. The process of deleting your account is usually straightforward to follow. Still, there is some platform where the users don’t get the luxury of deleting their account, and OfferUp permanently is also one of them. You get the feature to deactivate your OfferUp account. Still, there is no feature like deleting your account. First, we will explain the steps to deactivate the OfferUp account, and after that, we will discuss whether it is even possible to delete your offerUp account or not.

How To Permanently Delete OfferUP Account By Email

The process of OfferUp account deactivation is very simple and we have described it below but, The main issue with deactivation is that all your data will remain in their database or server, which we don’t want, as data breaches are common nowadays. So follow this easy method to permanently delete an offerUp account and all the data related to your account. This method is very uncommon as not a lot of people are using this method. We are sending the Account deletion request email to the customer support of OfferUP, but before that, you will need to keep these points in mind before writing an email to the OfferUp account.

  • Our main topics should be in the Subject of the mail.
  • Explain your reason for permanently deleting your details.
  • Use the same mail you used to signup for the offer.
  • The account deletion request should be sent to [email protected] OR [email protected].
  • Use this simple email template while submitting the permanent account deletion request.

To: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: “Permanent Account Deletion Request”.


To the OfferUP Support Team,

I hope you are doing good. I am a registered user of your platform and have been using OfferUp for quite a long time but for personal reasons want to permanently delete all of my data from OfferUp servers and databases. Below is the detail of my account

Name: “Your name used on OfferUP account “

Registered email address: “Enter the email you used when making the account.”

Phone number: “Enter your phone number.”

Thank you

How To deactivate OfferUp Account

They offer offerup delete account officially to users where they can deactivate their profile anytime they want. Still, most users can’t differentiate between Account Deactivation and Account Deletion, but this feature differs from each other. In the account deactivation process, users can deactivate their accounts without interacting with any officials or platform owners. Still, in account deletion, users are often not given the authority to delete the whole account. They must contact the platform officials or owners and ask them to delete the account. So let’s see how a user can deactivate their OfferUp account. Just follow these easy and simple steps to deactivate OfferUp Account.

  1. Open your app or go the
  2. Log into your account using the credentials you used to signup.
  3. Go to this URL https:/./
  4. You will see an account deactivation page. Just select your reason to deactivate.
  5. You can simply use the text box to explain your reason if your reason is not listed.
  6. Now click on “Deactivate My Account”.
  7. A pop-up will show asking for confirmation.
  8. Just click on the “Yes, I’m sure.”
  9. Another pop-up will open saying, “Account Successfully Deactivated”.
  10. Noe, the last step is to click on the “Done”, and you will be redirected to the home page of OfferUP.

Yo can also delete your EA account to not left any data behind.

Final thoughts

This was all about how to delete an OfferUp account. As we explained, this is officially not possible, but there are still some fixes you can use. The problem with account deactivation is that your data will remain on the database of OfferUp, so just file a Permanent Account Deletion request if you no longer want to use the account.

FAQs related to How To Delete OfferUp Account

Q: How do I permanently delete my OfferUp account?

A: Officially, there is no option to delete the OfferUp account, but you can temporarily deactivate your OfferUp account and reactivate your account whenever you want. But alternatively, you can submit the Account Deletion request to the OfferUp team by sending them an email at [email protected] OR [email protected]

Q: Why doesn’t OfferUp let you delete it?

A: As OfferUp is an e-commerce platform where many monetary deals are sealed, it is crucial to keep track of all its users. That’s why many e-commerce platforms don’t provide a permanent Account delete option.

Q: How do you delete something from OfferUp?

A: there is no option to delete your post from OfferUp, but you can still archive your post. By doing that post will be unlisted in your items.

Q: how to delete an offer account on android?

A: OfferUp account deactivation on android is pretty simple. You need to follow these two steps only.

Go to Account deactivation and log into your account.

Select a reason for deactivation, then Select Deactivate account.

Q: how to delete an offer account on iPhone?

A: OfferUp account deactivation on iPhone is very simple. You need to follow these two steps only.

Go to Account deactivation and log into your account.

Select a reason for deactivation, then Select Deactivate account.

Q: how long does it take to deactivate the offer up an account?

A: The process of account deactivation on offer is quick and easy. It will hardly take up to 5 minutes.

Q: Can you cancel OfferUp?

A: Unfortunately, this feature is also not available on OfferUp if you selected an item to purchase, you cant cancel to cancel. Contact the seller via message and ask him to cancel the offer.

Q: How do I remove an email from OfferUp?

A: follow these simple and easy steps

Log into your email account used to signup on OfferUp.

Find an OfferUp email.

Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the message

Follow the instruction.

Q: Can I use OfferUp without a phone number?

A: OfferUp doesn’t ask users to involve their phone numbers or email address, so you can use OfferUp without a phone number.

Q: How do I make a new OfferUp account?

A: here is how you can Create an account on OfferUp

Download the offerUp app or go to the website.

Go to Sign up on or Tap on the signup if you use an app.

Just provide your details to signup.

Q: How do I delete followers on OfferUp?

A: Follow these steps to delete followers in the offer: Accounts => Following => tap the “Following” button from the list and delete the user from your followers.

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