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games like royal match

When we talk about mobile gaming, it means users are looking for something portable and easy yet challenging to play and match 3 games like Royal match fulfils all of the requirements we need to start gaming on mobile. More about Royal match later but let’s find out why the merge or match 3 games are better than other fancy games. So it won’t be wrong if we say that any game that challenges you to match similar elements or game objects together in an alignment or a pattern can be classified as a match 3 game.

The concept of the match 3 games is not new. These games started in the eighties, and in the 2000s, we had some legendary match 3 games like Chain Shot! And Tetris.

Royal Match is a free-to-play match-3-based puzzle game. This game was developed and launched by a Startup company named Dream Games. The Storyline of Royal Match is pretty simple. Its main character is King Robert, a protagonist king trying to restore and maintain the glory of his kingdom. Players must work hard to solve difficult puzzles and break the challenging obstacles to level up their game. In this game, players can see some features like boosters. Players will need to stay focused because there are a lot of obstacles in the game, like boxes, magic hats, diamonds, potions, and evil cute piggy on the road to stop you. You will be required to decorate and arrange King Robert’s Room, but players need to have game coins to unlock these cool features. No worries, we have gathered a few Royal Match Cheats for you.

  • Try to match 4 tiles on the board.
  • Try to match the bottom tiles first.
  • Always try to make T or L shape match
  • Try to make a Rocket. You can only do that by checking at least four or more tiles in a horizontal or vertical direction.

If you think you can beat everyone in this game and get to the top of the leaderboard, just challenge your friends on Facebook and defeat them. Another great thing about this game is that Royal Match is 100% free to play with no ads. So no internet is needed to play.

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1 20 Games like Royal Match

20 Games like Royal Match

Despite having a lot of good features and mysterious puzzles, some gamers are still looking for free games similar to royal match. Some people don’t like the storyline of this, and some people find this as a lucky game. There are a lot of reviews about this game on its App store and Play store page to find out if you want to play Royal Match, but we have created a list of puzzle games like Royal Match stick with us and find the best match for yourself.

BeSwitched- games like royal match

So very first game on our list is a match-3-based puzzle game. BeSwitched is a single-player game developed and released by Rogue Games. Lilly’s main character of this game works very hard to defeat the evil warlock. So please help her to save the glory of her castle. BeSwitch Match 3 has received an overall rating of 4.7 on the App Store and a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store. This game was last updated on March 20, 2022.

We have tried our best to add iOS or iPhone games like Royal Match as much as we can. You can Download this game from the official App Store and Play Store.

Key Features of BeSwitched Match 3 Explained

  • You can create power-ups in this game, like jewel Charms.
  • Work Hard to free Lilly’s friends from bubble traps.
  • Find and Hatch the Dragon Eggs to unlock the dragons.
  • Make your way to earn keys to find more places in the castle.

Puzzles & Conquest – royal match similar game

games like royal match

This game is unique in its type, based on Action & Strategy, yet a match-3-based puzzle game. Puzzle & Conquest was developed and Released by 37 games. The gameplay of this game is a little different than other match-3-based games as you need to fight a title-matching puzzle, and for that, you will need a team of Super Heroes, and yeah, you can do that in this puzzle game. In the puzzle and conquest game, you are in Sauerland’s beautiful land. You have to save this place from evil spirits and dark forces. As you keep solving the puzzles, the territory of Sauerland will keep expanding. Puzzle and Conquest have received an overall rating of 4.6 on the official Apple App Store and Android Playstore.

Key Features of Puzzle and Conquest Explained

  • Players can build a team of superheroes from all around the world
  • You can expand your territory in this game
  • Players can ally.
  • You can challenge players from all around the globe.

Latest Updates of Puzzle and Conquest in 2022

  • New Skins are introduced for Zeus and Hades
  • A new feature is introduced name Sturgill

MythWars & Puzzles – games like royal match i0S

Keeping our promise of bringing unique games next game on our list is MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match 3. This game is unique as it is an RPG but a match-3 puzzle game. At the same time, it is like having everything united in one place because you are going to see a fantasy world of magic and wars against Evil gods. Your role in this game is going to be a character of a Mighty lord.

In MythWars & Puzzle: RPG Match 3, players can train a giant army and can recruit Heros as well. This game has been downloaded on the Android Playstore 5M+ times and received a 4.4 rating. The latest update of this game was released on Sep 1, 2022.

Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG Game Review

Empire & Puzzle: Match-3 game is another game based on the RPG style of match-3 puzzle game. This game is filled with Adventure and Action it is available in multiplayer as well. This game was developed and released by a company named Small Gaint Games. With the beautiful diversity of Title matches and RPG features, players are required to build Castles and send their armies to fight with enemies.

After winning the wars, the Player will return to his mighty castles to build them more gloriously by using all the resources. You are going to see PvP fights in this game as well. This game has received an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Apple’s Official App Store and 4.3 out of 5 on Android Playstore

Latest Updates of Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG in 2022

  • A new twist on match-3 is waiting for you to find it out.
  • New enemies are introduced.
  • Most of the bugs are fixed in this release.

Zombie Blast – games similar to royal match

games like royal match

Zombie Blast – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Game is another casual RPG match-3-based puzzle game. This game was developed and released by SNG Games. This game will be introducing a whole new and amazing feature to the match-3 games where usually players are required to match the elements to get to the next level, but in this game, you will do that by matching the power diamonds of the same colour and causing a massive explosion can lead the Player up to hundreds of level but stay alert because each new level is going to be harder than before.

Zombie Blast has received an overall rating of 3.6 on Android Play Store. This makes it into the list of games similar to royal match.

Key Features of Zombie Blast – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Explained

  • You will see a very entertaining storyline 
  • 500+ levels in puzzle solving 
  • New hero upgrade
  • You will get daily unique gifts
  • Special power-ups
  • Why change weapons when you can upgrade one

Gunspell 2: Puzzle Battles – royal match for pc

Gunspell 3: Puzzle Battles is also a Role-playing match-3-based puzzle game developed and released by AKPublish Pty Ltd. This game is available for both Android and Apple. At the start of the game, players must participate in the match-3 combats with other online players around the globe. The gameplay is very fun as there are a lot of very detailed special effects. The Player can also gather other heroes and help them improve their abilities and powers.

The game has a grid-based map where the Player can match the gems. This game is available on the Android Play store and has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, with more than 21K reviews and 500K plus downloads. Gunspell 2: Puzzle Battles Game Review was last updated on 15 Sep 2022. You will also like it if you prefer royal match for pc.

 Key Features of Gunspell 2: Puzzle Battles Explained

  • You can explore a lot of different worlds.
  • Players can unite heroes with dark magic and cool guns.

Seascapes: Trito’s Adventure Game Review

We have talked a lot about RPG and action-based games, so here we have a cute graphics game. Seascapes: Trito’s Adventure is a simple match-3-based puzzle game. This game was developed and released by Bluembo Entertainment Corporation. This game will take you to the amazing adventurous land of heroes and kings, Greece. The main character of the game is Torito. You must help him to save his family from difficulties. Surely your match-3 skills can save the whole kingdom. You will see a lot of magical planets and huge cities.

This game is available on both Apple App Store and Android Play store and has received an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 with more than 34K reviews and 1Million plus downloads. Seascapes: Trito’s Adventure Game Review was last updated on 29 Aug 2022

Shopkins: Chef Club Game Review

Shopkins: Chef Club is another very simple and easy-to-play match-3-based puzzle game. This game was developed and released by Mighty Kingdome for almost all platforms. The main characters of this game are Nina, noodles, Fleur, Buncho, etc., in a chef club. To make a high score in this game, the Player needs to trace and find Chef Club Shopkins to score high points.

The gameplay starts with the Player needing to scan the shopkins toys from the available list of recipes. In this game, you will see more than twenty-one recipes, and you will also find 119 shopkins in these recipes. You will also get daily rewards in the game to unlock challenges. You can find this game on almost all platforms. It is available across App Store, Playstore, windows, and X Box.

Cookie rush Match 3 Game Review

games like royal match

After cooking Shopkins in the kitchen let’s bake some cookies in Cookie Rush Match 3. It is another simple and easy-to-play match-3-based puzzle game developed and released by Match 3 Fun Games for mobile devices, such an obvious name for a match 3 game company. In this game, you see delicious-looking candies on every new level.

Like all other games in this game, you will need to match and swipe three similar candies to make space for new and fresh candies. By collecting points, you can unlock the next level of the game. You can also find and collect prizes and boosters to level up in the game but be alert because you are given only a limited number of moves. Earn at least three stars to move to the next round of the game.

Cookie Rush Match 3 is also available on both Apple’s App Store and Android Play store and has received an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 with more than 229K reviews and over 50 Million plus downloads. Cookie Crush Match was last updated on 10 March 2022.

Dream World – royal match reviews

Too many candies and sweetness can cause major health issues so let’s not get addicted to the last game and move on to our new game on the list, Dream World. It is a visual novel-based match-3 puzzle game. Dream World will take you to a whole new level of Role-Playing and match-3 game, and also, it is a turn-based combat game.

You can attack your enemies by matching their or more same gems. Many levels, challenges, and objectives change with each level. Dream World is so fun to play because you can attack your opponent by matching the gems in this game. This game is only available for the Android platform but not on the Android Play store. To play this game, you can find an APK file on the internet and best of luck in your combats.

Hell Girls PC Game Review

So far, we have talked about ten different iOS and Android games but now discuss a few lightweight Match-3 puzzle PC games.

Hell girl is a casual match-3 style puzzle game. This game is based on an anime theme with addicting gameplay and a storyline. Hell Girls was created and released by SakuraGame. This Player has the character of an anime with unique superpowers and skills.

The Story of this game is something like this three families were selected by lords and were blessed by amazing superpower girls, each with a unique ability like the Power of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. These super Girls travel around the planet to fight and kill monsters of Hell. By killing these monsters and saving the planet, the Player will earn the title of Hell Girls. So go and match the gems to unlock new levels and titles. Hell girl is a very light game. Even you can play this game on a very old PC.  

System Requirements for hello girls game



Processor: 1.2 GHz

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics

Storage: 1 GB available space

Clockmaker: Amazing Match 3 Game Review

Clockmaker: Amazing Match3 is a very adventurous puzzle game based on the match 3 genre. It is a single-player game created and published by Belka Games. In this game, you will be going to save the town from the evil curse cast by the devil clockmaker.

Clockmaker: Amazing Match 3 game is currently offering 550 quests to solve. Like all In other match-3 games, you need to match 3 or more gems together to save the town.

new features of Clockmaker: Amazing Match 3 Game 2022

  • Daily gifts are added
  • Double your luck by using golden Spin
  • New event themes are introduced, like Halloween, Falling leaves and others.

small Town Murders: Match 3

This summer, let’s move to a small town far away from the crowd and hustle of big cities but be alert. Sometimes small towns hide big secrets. You just need to solve and fix these sinister crimes and make the small country town a peaceful place to live again.

games like royal match

In this game, every crime is associated with a match 3 puzzle. Find hidden game objects and elements to investigate all the crimes. You will also see a hideous crimes like murder in this game, so this is the best time to test your investigative and problem-solving skills.

New Features of Small Town Murders: Match 3 2022

  • Now you can become a detective to solve the crime
  • Visit crime scenes in the game to find hidden clues.
  • The colourful people of this town are hiding dark secrets, meet them find the clues.
  • New music is added to solve the crime while enjoying music.

Indy Cat 2: Match 3 game Game Review

It’s time to go on an adventure with your cat, not just an ordinary cat. We are talking about Indy Cat. This game was developed and released by Blaylock. This game is no different than other match-3 games. You need to solve the puzzle to get to the new adventure with Indy. The Player needs to help Indy to find a mysterious Magic Ball. The game is free to play, but if you need an extra boost, you can always purchase moves and bonus elements.

New Features of Indy Cat 2: Match 3

  • Hundreds of new adventures level are added.
  • You can save your progress in your VK account
  • New and improved graphics.

Season Match 3 Jewel Quest Game Review

games like royal match 3

Save the Magical kingdom from an evil witch by solving the new and confusing match-3-based puzzles. Season Match 3 jewel Quest Game is developed and released by HC GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION LIMITED. People of the kingdom are waiting for you after the attack of the evil Witch and her sinister crow go and help them.

Players are going to see the Boss battles in the game. And you will a three-in-a-row twists in new levels.

New Features of Season Match 3 Jewel Quest 2022

  • New events for the masters of match-3 games
  • You can synchronize the game levels with any device you want.
  • Light on resources, you can play this game now on old devices
  • Forty new beautiful locations and 1.5k new levels are coming this season.

16 Glyph of Maya Match 3

Let’s change our atmosphere from crimes and witches and explore the beautiful Maya theme match-3 puzzle game. Glyph of Maya Match 3 The puzzle is developed and published by FunkyVine Inc. Players will see a wheel of fortunes in this game so just try your luck. To get to the new level, solve the puzzle by connecting three identical jewels and crushing them. You can get a special blast by matching four jewels, and by matching five same gems can course an apocalyptic blast and will get you to the next level.

New Features of Glyph of Maya Match 3 Puzzle 2022

  • New and Improved graphics. 
  • Players of all ages can play.
  • Free-to-play and hidden paid feature
  • No internet Connection is required to play 

Jewel Water World Game Review

While exploring the different places around the world, why not dive into the mysterious underwater cities? Jewel Water World, developed and published by V2R, is all about that. Players need to find hidden treasures by solving the match-3 puzzles, and you can do them by finding and matching the same colour and shape of jewellery. Experience fifty different stages in this game.

New Features of Jewel Water World

  • Continuous updates of all 500 stages.
  • No life limits.
  • Play offline without internet connection.
  • Easy to learn by new flashy graphics.

Jewel Magic Castle Game Review

Jewel Magic Castle is another match-3 puzzle game by V2R developers. In this game, players will help a cute little wizard, Elin finds hidden treasures. Just like Jewel Water World this game also consists of 500 stages where you need to put all the same shapes and colour jewellery in the same place to solve to puzzle and get to a new level. You will get almost all the features of this game there is no life limit, you Play offline, Easy and flashy graphics, and others. 

Jewel Royal Castle 4 – games like royal match

Jewel Royal Castle 4 is a match3 puzzle game by ENP games. In this game, you will find the queen’s hidden treasure. The castle is full of jewels. Just find and move three matching jewels together to make a move. This game is available on the App Store.

Thanks to the developer, you can download it from there, and it is relatively easy to play and understand because of its easy and simple graphics. This game is fun to play, even if you are out of network. Another good feature of Jewel Royal Castle is its very low capacity, so you can download it quickly and easily. So be sure to give it a try and share it with your friends.

20 Funny Farm

Funny Farm is a casual match-3 puzzle game with extra smooth graphics and easy-to-understand controls. Funny Farm was developed and published by LLC Progress for Android and iOS platforms. You can also connect your social Facebook Profile. The game is simple yet filled with a lot of power-ups and boosters to help you get to the next level of the game.

This game consists of more than 1700 puzzles in eighty-eight lovely locations, so you will never get bored playing this game. This time you don’t need to crush the jewels or jewellery but just find and smash some fruits to make a place for others and then smash them too. Play this game with your Friends on Facebook Download it from App Store if you are an iOS user and Play Store if you are an Android User.

Games Like Royal Match

So this was it for today’s list of 20 free games like the royal match to play in 2022. If you didn’t find the game for yourself, don’t worry. We will try our best to give you more games like the royal match in future articles, and if you are confused about where to start or which game you should play, let me suggest a few for you.

So if you are looking for flashy graphics and a free-to-play match 3 puzzle game, try Jewel magic Castle or Jewel Water World. If you are not so familiar with the confusing controls of these games, then go for Funny Farm. You will see some of the easiest controls for the match-3 games. Just make sure to share this list with your friends so they can join you in these adventurous games.

FAQs related to games like royal match

What type of game is Royal Match?

Royal match is a simple and easy-to-play match-3 puzzle game where players can match at least three matching game elements to make moves in the game.

How many levels are in Royal Match?

Royal match has almost 600 levels. Where each level gets a bit more difficult than before

Can you restart Royal Match?

The progress of the users is saved online, so you can not reset your progress by reinstalling the game.

How does Royal Match make money?

The main source of the developers from this game is in-game purchases.

Is there an end to the Royal Match game?

Royal Match consists of 600 levels. Finish all 600 levels then the game will end.

Do you ever get to save the king in Royal Match?

Yes, you will be allowed to save the king by completing the game’s objectives.

How do you get free coins on Royal Match?

Some websites are claiming to sell the hack to get free coins, but do it at your own risk.

How do you beat the Royal Match?

By matching the same elements, power-ups and boosters in the game you can beat the Royal Match.

Can I play Royal Match on PC?

There are a lot of match-3 puzzle games for the PC. Check our list, and you will find one there, or you can use the android emulator on your PC to play the game.

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