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If you love to play erotic and romantic games, then you have landed in the right place because this article is about erotic and romantic games. When discussing the erotic genre of games, it would be a shame if we don’t discuss Honey select because this list is all about honey select alternatives and games like Honey Select. So honey select is one of the most popular and trending games. In this game, players can build an ultimate virtual partner for themselves and have them whenever or however they want. The best thing about honey select is it gives one the most detailed and delicate character development tools to build the partner. You can make everything according to your liking from head to toe. Another great option about this game is you can even design the character according to your sexuality. If you are a bisexual man, you can build a male partner.

Honey Select is based on loose RPG games where you get a virtual assistant who can guide you about building your character, and you can help your assistant earn some extra money in some other ways. So I think this would be enough for the into, and we should move on to our games list.

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1 20 Games Like Honey Select & Honey Select 2

20 Games Like Honey Select & Honey Select 2

In this list, we have tried our best to bring you the games like honey select, where you can enjoy the process of making the virtual partner as per your liking, so stick with us.

3D Custom lady Maker – Games like Honey Select 2

Games Like Honey Select

3D custom lady maker is a single-player role-playing game. This game will give you a thrilling simulation adventure and visual Customization. You can customize your 3D AI lady. You will see over 80 characters in 3D Custom Lady maker, each character with its unique properties. This game is diverse in ending, where it has multiple endings according to each move. You can customize the lighting and camera angle with multiple endless starting points.

Waifu Academy – games like honey select

Games Like Honey Select

Waifu Academy is based on a story where your role is based on a young man. This game is based on a school theme where most of the time, you will spend in the school hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms enjoying yourself with your partner. Waifu Academy provides you with 30 different characters, each with its own unique story. You will get a lot of erotic and romantic music in the background only point of this game is that it doesn’t have any voice acting. You can enjoy this game on windows, 32 and 64-bit systems, mac, and Linux. Well, you can play this game on Android with selected features. Enjoy your fetish with this game, earn money and get the VIP Waifu rewards.

President Yukino – games like honey select

Games Like Honey Select

This game is based on a young bookworm lady who was enjoying her life peacefully but suddenly, one day, and she started having bad luck. Yukino lives with her protagonist uncle. One day, she was studying perpetually in a library when suddenly her eyes got stuck on a handsome man, and from there, her role came to play. You can decide her future events and control her actions. It’s a perfect blend of a single-player adventure game with quality elements. Have fun with President Yukino.

SummerTime Saga – games similiar to honey select

Games Like Honey Select

Summertime saga has a uniquely different storyline than other games on our list. It revolves around a college student whose father got under the huge debt of villains and mysteriously died, so you need to work hard in the game to learn more about his father’s mysterious death. You can explore over 65 different characters and 30 beautiful locations. Summertime saga will give you 20 other minigames to enjoy, So enjoy having fun in this wild simulation.

Sisterly lust – honey select like game

Games similar to Honey Select

Sisterly Lust is an Erotic genre game with a twist of Psychological Horror. This game was developed and launched by Perverteer games. The game’s storyline is based on an entertaining girl enjoying herself and spending time on beaches, at parties, and in other places. After the sudden death of her father, our main character returns to her hometown at her father’s funeral. But as she returned to her town, she was surrounded by many beautiful women. You can command your character for every action, and each action will decide the future result of the game. So be careful with every step taken in the game.

Monster Girl Dreams – honey select alternative

The first text-based role-playing game on our list is Moster Girl Dreams offering you the best romantic advantage game elements. The game is based on novel-themed gameplay. Players will see many characters, each with unique abilities, features, and stories, but your main character will be a male player who freshly graduated from Advantum, a famous school.

The journey of our male character starts with something like getting rich in a continent full of erotic monster girls. You will be going to fight with these monster girls, and there is also a boss fight against the beautiful Demon Queen. Players are required to fight combats and complete different objectives to claim the rewards.

Porno Studio Tycoon

Games Like Honey Select

Porno Studio Tycoon is based on a business seminar with wealthy characters. As the game’s name suggests, it is found in a Studio, and you will be a producer of this studio. A player will be going to see a lot of characters where you can use each character to their desires. Porno Studio Tycon is a role-playing novel-themed game, so sit back and enjoy your studio.

Snow Daze: The music of winter – best games like honey select

Games Like Honey Select

Snow daze: The music of winter is an erotic anime-style game. This game is based on a single player and was released by outbreak Games. If you are trapped in a house, you don’t have many options other than just having some fun. The main character of our game is also doing so. Jason is just attracting other people. He is using his musical talent. The gameplay is like playing music from the top o the house, mainly in the attic room.

There are a lot of goals to achieve in the game. Each goal goes with a new story, and each story has its own but multiple endings, so your every step matters. Play carefully.

Twists of My Life – best games like honey select

Games Like Honey Select

Twists of my life come with a visual novel theme. This game is somewhat similar to the Waifu Academy discussed in our story. This game is a twisted blend of a dating simulation. You a get choice to select your avatar to begin the story. The ending of this game depends on the choices you make. Players are going to see a lot of stories with almost sixteen endings. The storyline moves around a law student hanging out with different girls in different places. Customize your avatar to flirt with the girls. You can also engage in the game, so be focused when selecting your partner.

Maggot Baits – games like honey select for pc

Games similar to Honey Select

Maggot Baits is a single-player adventure hardcore role-playing erotic game. This game was developed and released by Clocks. Unfortunately, this game is only available for Windows users. The game’s storyline revolves around a female character fighting monsters and other evil creatures. Players need to follow their mentors to complete the quest. Kill the creature and interact with NPC to conclude. This makes it best among the games like honey select for pc.

Subverse – honey select similar games


Now honey select similar games that are adventurous and fun are on the list, so this game is known as Subverse. In this game, there is a crew of space travel. They were traveling through space and time to fight against the Imperium Empire. Still, it is an erotic game, and you will surely see some fun in the game even better than before because we are talking about high-quality anime romance but trust me, this game will shock you.

The game is filled with light comedy, fights, romance, and highly dense characters with actual gameplay. Some people think that is game is a slightly less valued version of one of the famous games, Mass Effect, but in our opinion, both games have their features, pros, and cons. Even though this Subverse is in its early access, the game developers still provide timely updates. So check it out. You can download it from Steam.

HuniePop 2: Double Date – honey select game


HuniePop 2 is the sequel game to the famous HuniePop. The developers have something new for you in this game. Its unique feature, “Double Dates,” has been introduced, which means now you have two ladies to date. But remember, you need balance in life. So in this game, managing so much cuteness and beauty can be a little tricky. In addition to that, you will see whole new gameplay and new characters but still in that previous charming design.

The only downside is that you will not be seeing the extensive erotic scenes, but still, as the new features are introduced, you must try this game. HuniePop: Double date can be downloaded from Steam, and you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Sakura Dungeon – honey select hentai game

Get ready for mature content as we move on to the Sakura Dungeons. As the name clearly says, this game is more about dungeons, monsters, and creatures of middle earth. In Sakura Dungeons, you will trap the spirits of the monster girls in the dungeons with them. It is an erotic game somewhat like Pokemon, So if you like the legendary Pokemon, you will love the Sakura Dungeons. Usually, you will be playing this game in the first person, but you will see story mode. Check this game out on Steam and let us know about your experience.

Coming Out On Top – games similar to honey select

As this list is growing, I think we should consider the diversity of sexuality, and for that, we have a gay erotic and romance game known as Coming Out On Top. This game will focus on male-to-male relationships. The center of the story and our main character is your hot guy mark, a college student who recently came out as a gay male. Further, we have two more interesting characters in our game Ian and penny, and they are going to help mark to meet new guys.

On Steam, you will get only the censored version of this game, but you can purchase the uncensored version from their website.

Wolf Tails – games similar to honey select 2

Wolf Tails

Just like HuniePop 2: Double Date, we have another game where you can have two ladies, but this it is not just some cute little ladies, but we are talking about some serious erotic characters, and as the name suggests, we have two cute Colf Girls in the game if you are into that try this game out but before that just read the storyline of the game.

So you, as the main character, left the life of the city and got yourself a peaceful cabin in the woods, but that peace was not for so long. One day a wolf girl suddenly appeared on your doorstep. As she was ill, you thought it would be better to help that cutie, but as she heels, she made herself more comfortable at your cabin.

How was the second wolf girl made into your cabin? To find out that, play the game, as we don’t want to spoil the fun. You download this game directly from Steam. This is our recommendation if you are looking for the games similar to honey select 2.

If My Heart had Wings – honey select 2 like games

Games Like Honey Select

If my heart had wings is not a new game, but it has been on Steam for quite a long time. The stat of this game is impressive because over 2500 users gave this game a very positive review. The story of If I had wings is based on a boy who suffers an accident as he wants to become a bike racer. He now needs to postpone his life dreams for some time.

Players are also going to see his childhood friend named Ageha, and there will be many more characters in the game helping our young biker boy fulfill his dreams. And by a dream, I mean all dreams, so you can guess what I am talking about. If I had wings is a pretty romantic film, but you will see an 18+ patch for this game because it is hard to digest in its vanilla form, so try the 18+ patch if you want, and do give If I had My Wings a try. You will love this game because it has all that honey select 2 like games has.

Deep Space Waifu – honey select 2 similar games

So it’s time to save some intergalactic hotties from alien threats because we are talking about Deep Space Waifu, where you will play the character of s King bear, and our king is on a mission to save the girls. The Deep Space waifu comes with some of the best soundtracks and visual and high-quality graphics. On your intergalactic mission, you will see a giant woman in Deep space as this is an erotic genre, so don’t expect the clothes on.

Players will spend their time with thirteen different ladies, but if it is not enough for you, you can get some more for yourself, the DLC for the Deep Space. Though Deep Space waifu seems a little different game in this genre, trust me, you will not be bored in this game, so just give it a try on Steam.

Lucy Got Problems – games like honey select for android

Games Like Honey Select

As we have been traveling from deep space to the depth of the earth, I thought it was time we should go on an adventure to the forest, but the main character of this game, Lucy, got into serious problems. She was sent on a mission in eleven forests, so we call this game Lucy Got A problem. Still, the question is what problem lucy is facing.

Well, we will not spoil the story for you, but Lucy has a problem and will give you some of the best titling scenes with other game characters. Besides that, you will see some colorful CGs. Lucy got an issue that is available on Steam to make sure it checks it out.

Forest Fortress – games like honey select for android

Forest Fortress is a visual novel-based single-played erotic game where you can fulfill your fantasies freely with ergo. So the main character in the one you will play is Dale. He is on a mission to find the cure for a plague. Which is slowly eating Dale’s village, but let’s not talk about the plague and village people. As we are here to discuss something romantic, you will meet some beautiful forest creatures on your journey to Forest Fortress. Like in most adult games, select the journey partner for yourself.

The storyline of Forest Fortress is going to be changed according to your choices. This means you will have multiple endings, so be alert while taking steps. The first step is downloading and playing this game, which you can do by visiting the Forest Fortress Download page on Steam.

Beach Bounce – best honey select games

Games Like Honey Select

Beach means a lot of beautiful girls, and we will spend a lot of time on the beach. Beach bounce is a novel-based adult game. Players are going to make a lot of romantic choices in the game. As this game is available on Steam, we still don’t recommend it if you want some erotic action in the game as the steam version of beach Bounce is censored, but you can play the uncensored version by downloading it from the internet. So whichever version you plan to play, just let us know about your experience.

honey select – Conclusion 

Now it’s time to wrap up our article because today’s list of the games like honey select is completed. Check these Honey select alternatives and let us know about your experience. Still, if you are confused and can’t decide which game you should play, we have some recommendations for you who are into two or more partners. Just try HuniePop 2: Double Date or Wolf Tales. These games contain amazing graphics, an excellent storyline, and gameplay. If you want to play some role-playing, ten Twist of my life is the perfect blend for you.

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How does the honey select work?

Honey Select is a simple and easy-to-play game where you can create a female partner and spend time with her. Honey select is an erotic game, so you can expect everything in this game.

How many players can play honey select?

Honey Select is an erotic and romantic genre single-player based games

What’s the difference between the honey select and honey badger?

The question is quite confusing because honey select is an erotic and romantic genre single-player game, while honey badger is a living animal.

What’s the best way to play the honey select?

Well, it depends on the player and how you want to play the game as in honey select, you are going to multiple possible endings, so each move can change the end.

Can I play the honey select online?

First, you need to download honey select, then you will be able to play. Honey Select is not a browser-based game, so you can’t play honey select in the browser.

Can I play the honey select at home?

As honey select is an erotic adult game, it depends on you if it is allowed in your home, then go for it.

How do I play the honey select on my computer?

You need to download and install honey select on your system to play.

Can I play the honey select on my television?

If you own a smart TV, then there are some ways you can play it on your TV, like an HDMI connection.

What’s the best part of the honey selection?

The best part of honey select is the freedom you into this game, like you can design your character however you like.

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