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websites like ruble

As the geopolitics around the world is changing so fast, some currencies are growing while others are going down. One of the currencies growing faster and faster is Ruble, so it is the best time to either invest in or start working to earn Ruble. Luckily, many websites are paying in Ruble, which is the main agenda of today’s article. We will talk about the websites you can use to earn Ruble and the websites like Ruble.

While thousands of websites are scamming ordinary people to offer rubles for completing tasks, we have filtered many sites to provide you with some of the best and most legit websites like Ruble.

Websites like ruble and how do they work

The primary working model of these sites is something like this. You register on their website, and they give you small tasks like following some social accounts liking their posts, and leaving comments. Some other websites give you videos to watch to complete the watch time etc., but the reality is most of the time, these websites are fake, and in the end, you will never get any withdrawal from these websites. But as we have a list of filtered and well-known websites, you will surely get the withdrawal at the time with very low terms and restrictions.

You can signup on to these websites and complete simple and easy tasks like liking, commenting on the posts, and following or subscribing to some accounts but still, all of these websites provide a lot of different features like you will get the tasks of your choices some of the functions include watching ads, spinning the lotteries, visiting the social media accounts. Still, the most important feature is minimum withdrawals, and we will try our best to give the website extremely low minimum withdrawals so you can quickly complete the task and earn Ruble.

VKTarget is the Website Like Ruble

This website is viral among social users as it provides the service to boost videos, likes, and subscriptions easily. Mainly this website is used by advertisers, bloggers, and startups to increase their social presence quickly. But we are here to earn some money, so we will be watching and providing our service to online business owners and helping them grow faster. To register on VKTarget, you must visit the website and signup using your email address. After the registration, the new users will not immediately be given the tasks, so we need to wait a while to start earning. Possibly the first task the users are going to see is social networking. Most of these tasks are only 5 to 10 seconds long, so it is not too much time.

They will give you the task according to your social profile, which will depend on your age, gender, place, etc. You will be given more tasks to complete if you actively work on this website. The minimum withdrawal amount on the VKTarget is 15 rubles, and this is one of the lowest withdrawal-providing websites among the websites like the Ruble.

Million is best Ruble alternative site

On this website, you will see not just one but a lot of other currencies as well, so you are not just limited to the Ruble. There are different options for you. Although this is also a website like Ruble, it works slightly differently than Ruble. The main feature of this website is you are going to mine the Ruble, and you can do that by completing some simple tasks. As Million provides a lot of currency options, that’s why this website is viral but we have a little bit higher withdrawal restriction here as the minimum withdrawal you can get from this website is at least 50 rubles.

Surfearner – Website Like Ruble

Surfearning is not just a website, its main app is a browser extension. You will need to signup up for the website and then install the browser extension, which will show you some banners from time to time, and you will be rewarded a point for watching each flag. As the main feature of this extension is watching the banner, you will still see some other tasks as well. Using this website and extension, you can earn at least 10 Rubles a day.

Visit Box is Similiar to Websites Like Ruble

This website is best known for its one of the minimum withdrawal options you can ever see of the websites like Ruble, and that is you will need only 1 Ruble to withdraw your money. Visit Box also provides the same features as other websites on the list, as you will be required to watch ads, and videos, Like posts, leave comments and follow people on social media.


We are browsing the daily part of our life. We scan a lot of things every day. We watch videos, Chat with our friends, and like their posts, and all that is made possible because of modern-day browsers. If we combine these things to earn money, our following website is just about that as we need to install different browsers and do our daily tasks, and it’s that simple to make some ruble. Teaserfast is another lowest withdrawal website like a ruble. Here you only need to have 1 ruble in your account to withdraw, so you can instantly withdraw your money without any restriction.


Socpublic is one of the most senior among the websites like Ruble as it is ancient in the market, so it has a reputation. As this website is old, you will also need to work hard to build your reputation on this platform and watch videos and ads. 

Still, you will be required to watch these ads and complete your task for a long time, which makes it a little dull, but you have to compromise on this point to get secured from the scam websites. The minimum withdrawal they offer is 9 rubles, a little so that you will get a retreat daily.


The name of this website might seem a little techy and advanced, but trust me, it is as simple as other websites like Ruble on the list, where you can earn money by watching ads. Its interface is straightforward, and you will get used to it quickly. So if you are a beginner, this is the perfect website for you to start earning, as the tasks on the website are straightforward. Just visit social media websites and leave likes and comments to make money. The minimum withdrawal they offer is 5 rubles, so don’t wait; just get started on Ipweb.

You can also make your website easily using Duda.

If you are looking for Websites Like Ruble

So this the ultimate list of the best website like the rubel you can work on to earn the Ruble daily as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been increased and the international market opposed a lot of sanctions on Russia. Still, these sanctions backfired, and the Russian Ruble increased by the highest value in the last 7/8 years. This is the best time to start working and utilizing your skills to earn Ruble as we have provided you with a lot of websites you can use to make Ruble by performing some simple and easy tasks.

We have to keep in mind that you don’t get scammed, so all of these websites are very well-known in the market. Don’t worry too much, and get started. As a beginner, we would recommend you to work on Visit box, teaserfast or Ip web as these websites provide the lowest minimum withdrawal option, so you can withdraw your money daily


Can we mine Ruble online?

If you want to earn money by just visiting and watching ads, you would also be interested in mining Ruble. If you wish to mine Ruble, you need to see and start working on Million, as this website provides a unique feature to mine Ruble online.

What is Ruble?

The Ruble is a currency used in Russia. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine positively affected the Russian Ruble, and its value in the international market has been at its highest in the last seven years. So it is the best time to start earning in the Ruble.

Are websites like Ruble legit?

Many websites in the market offer ruble in exchange for watching ads and videos, and many of these websites are not more than just a scam. Some websites provide the withdrawal with a minimum restriction of 1 ruble. Some websites like Ruble are listed below:

  1. 1getlike
  2. VKtarget
  3. Teaserfast
  4. Ipweb
  5. Socupublic

What are the websites with minimum ruble withdrawal options?

There are a lot of websites online providing some of the lowest minimum ruble withdrawal options as Ruble are listed below:

  1. Visit Box
  2. Teaserfast
  3. Ipweb
  4. Socpublic
  5. VKTarget

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