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Introducing Sophosounds

hosted by sula greene

Just Listen: August

created by keesha chung

female-gaze-right Defining the Female Gaze

words raezavel argulla

girls-with-curls-1 Girls with Curls

concept + words keesha chung

BFF14 Best Friends Forever

photos jacqueline ashton

1 Bare Necessities

images jeanine brito

floatie6-small Totally Beachin’

direction kiersten hay + sophomore

Cat_1 Paradise Lost

creative direction amarindi norbert

young-activist Young Activist

words shailee koranne

mary Mary Young

words jeanine brito

ceci Ceci N’Est Pas Une Woman

words + illustrations sydney allen-ash

sydney Good Sport

words sydney allen-ash

anna-3 Good Sport: Anna Collins

interviewed by sydney allen-ash

Essays on Virginity Essays on Virginity

in-defense-of-social-media In Defense of Social Media

words shailee koranne

red The Red Dragon Tattoo Parlour

interview stephanie rotz (S) + kiersten hay (K)

price The Price of Beauty

words + illustrations ketziah kobrah

fembots2 Fembots in Film

words elizabeth polanco

ceci Ceci N’Est Pas Une Woman

words + illustrations sydney allen-ash

salon-april Sophomore Salon: April

words ariella starkman


words carly fung

PORNPorn: What Are My Options?

words stephanie rotz

Essays on VirginityEssays on Virginity

lovability-condomLovability Condoms

words stephanie rotz

condomsquareVirginity Thing

words kaitlyn alexander

underwearcolourfinalAce Affairs

words anonymous

clothes-minded-2 Clothes Minded

words chantel oulette

Untitled-1 What Do You Mean?

concept stephanie rotz / page design jeanine brito

room-2 Getting Down n’ Dirty: A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

words hannah birss

money Yung Money

words stephanie rotz

aisha-fairclough-jill-andrew-sophomore-1 Sophomore’s Guide to Self-Love and Care

words shailee koranne

ditis Embodiment Theory

words stephanie rotz